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Looking for Scholarships?

scholarships pageJust in time for the new school year, we've revamped our Find Scholarships toolkit to help make the scholarship search and application process more streamlined. With this resource, you've got access to 3 million scholarships worth up to $18 billion - so go get your share!

Create a Profile

Visit the My Scholarship Profile section and take time to complete as many fields as you can to match to a better list of scholarships. Your answers are automatically saved, so once you fill it out, you only need to update it when things change.

Get Scholarship Matches

Find the scholarships that best suit your profile by searching for matching scholarships. Make sure the information in My Scholarship Profile is up-to-date to ensure the best results. You should also search regularly, since new scholarships are always being added!

Sign Up for E-mail Alerts

Stay up-to-date with the scholarships that best match your profile! Sign up for monthly e-mail alerts and you'll receive an e-mail when you have new scholarships that match your profile.

Save Scholarships

During your search, you can save scholarships that interest you and then follow up when you're ready.

Professionals: Enter Local Scholarships

We have an easy, new way to connect students to local scholarships only available at their school or district. Using the Professional Center, simply enter some very basic information and the SuperCollege database will follow up to complete a more comprehensive listing. To access this tool, log into the Professional Center, click on the Administration tab, then click Edit Local Scholarships Database.