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Get Motivated!

How will education after high school affect YOU?

"In discipline lies the freedom to determine your future. Don't ever think that an education is not an option for you"

Lance Carl

Top 10 reasons to plan for your future (in no particular order):

1. Increase your income. College graduates earn more than $1 million more in their lifetime than high school graduates. See the Rising Cost of Not Going to College.

2. Open the door to opportunity. By obtaining a college degree, you open up the doors to more possibilities to lead and to map out your own path.

3. Support your family. Obtaining a degree will allow you to support yourself and your family more comfortably.

4. Pave the path for others in your life. Set an example for your brothers or sisters, your friends, or even your parents, to pursue their own college and career goals.

5. Be prepared for the workforce. More than 44% of college graduates reported a close relationship between what they studied in college and their first job.

6. College is fun! You will make lifelong friends, do amazing things, become more confident, take on new challenges, and learn how to think and express yourself.

7. Make educated decisions. Nearly 50% of recent college graduates said they would have taken more care in choosing a major or would have chosen a different major.

8. Expand your horizons. In college you gain new experiences, may study abroad, learn about different cultures, and meet new people.

9. Find a career you love rather than just a job to pay the bills. By planning for a career path, you can study subjects that you enjoy that will prepare you to be an expert in your field, and develop a career that interests you.

10. Make a difference. To stay competitive in the world economy, by 2025 our country will need 20 million people to obtain some education beyond high school to meet expected job demands. Be part of our brighter future.

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