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Need Help?

Note: Requests for mailings or special consideration must be directed to the admissions office of the college or university in which you're interested (use Messages).

Go to the Technical Support page for help with:

  • Errors, error messages, and the Wrong Way screen
  • Printing your application
  • Saving your information
  • Applying online as an international student
  • CEEB codes

If you still need help...

Please provide your full name or username, your telephone number or e-mail address, any details you remember about what you were entering or clicking on when the problem occurred, and the heading/title or WWW address of the screen you were working on.

E-mail: support@collegeincolorado.org
U.S. toll-free hotline: 1-800-281-1168

From outside the U.S., use e-mail or call 1-800-281-1168 and ask for tech support.

College In Colorado is web-based and only requires an Internet connection and browser to use. We recommend using the compatible browsers and configurations listed below in order to get the best use out of the system.

Compatible Browsers Effective July 1, 2016


Note: other operating system/browser combinations will likely work, but are not actively tested or officially supported.

Browser Configurations

The following must also be installed or configured in order to use critical applications on this website:

  • Adobe Flash Player (download)
  • Adobe Reader (download)
  • QuickTime (download)
  • Pop-up blockers disabled or configured to allow pop-up windows from this website
  • JavaScript and Cookies enabled (see our privacy policy)

College In Colorado is accessible on a variety of phones, tablets and other devices. However, College In Colorado does not offer a mobile app at this time.

IP Addresses

If you have IP addresses configured into your firewall, you must ensure that your firewall permits access to applicable IP addresses. You may give this document PDF icon to your IT professionals for this purpose.

See the Contact Us page or send us an e-mail using Talk to Us.