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Educators and University Administrators

Helping You Succeed

The College In Colorado team is working hard to provide tools, resources and assistance to educators and workforce personnel throughout Colorado. Everything we offer is free-of-charge. Although we have provided links to pages of materials and resources here, don't forget to visit the Professional CenterNew window icon for even more helpful information. If you need your Professional Account Access Key (PAAK) or Administrator Code (AC), contact Twyla.Esquibel@cic.state.co.us.

CIC Resources to Help with HB17-1041 Implementation

In August 2017, a law went into effect regarding educational opportunities that lead to jobs. College In Colorado offers many resources that you may use with students and add to their ICAP that will help you meet these requirements.

Exciting Scholarship Enhancements

At the end of June a major overhaul of our scholarship tools launched. In addition to many new features, just in time for fall students can sign up for monthly e-mails that give them real-time updates of new scholarships that match their profile!

2017-2018 Workshop Topics and Schedule

This year, College In Colorado will facilitate three two-day workshop opportunities in each region of the state; offered twice in different locations. Workshops will focus on specific key elements of Individual Career and Academic Planning in preparation for use during the next semester. Register today!

College Admissions Tool Lesson Plan

College In Colorado is developing lesson plans to assist you with individual career and academic plan activity implementation. Take a look at the first of many; Using the College Admissions Tool to make your dream school a reality along with the accompanying Student Worksheet.

Official SAT Test Prep

World-class SAT test prep is free through Khan Academy. Students may download the app for daily questions and simulate test day with full-length practice tests. College In Colorado also provides information and resources for other tests, such as the ACT.

Once students receive their scores, they should log into their CIC portfolio to record them. Students can see whether they need to strengthen scores or whether they are approaching, meeting or exceeding benchmarks on every section of the test.

Try the Middle School Activities

Students may log into their portfolio to check out activities designed specifically for middle schoolers; Explore Directions After High School and the Career Clusters Map. These activities help students learn about options after high school graduation, to map out possiblities for career areas and rank the ones they like best! May be added to ICAP pages.

ICAP Simplified and Expanded

College In Colorado offers a detailed by-grade ICAP template that may help you build your ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) quickly and easily in the Professional Center Administration tab. College In Colorado has everything you need to meet ICAP requirements in a free, customizable way.

In addition, the Colorado Department of Education has released guidance and a toolkit to support your efforts.

Updated Milestone Tracking

The milestone tracking capability and reporting now includes the ability to define a set of milestones at the school level or by individual milestones to monitor student work. There are multiple filtering options at both the school and district reporting levels. Review how you can generate in-depth analyses through the updated milestone features.

Batch Account Creation Enhanced!

The School Finance Act of 2009 specified that each 6th grade student have a CollegeInColorado.org account. With recent enhancements to the batch creation process, it is now easier than ever to mass-create College In Colorado student accounts and greatly reduce any additional burden these requirements may impose.

Creation of multiple accounts is done by making simple modifications to an export from a school's student information system. You can now create accounts for up to 2,000 students at a time. If this feature is unfamiliar to you, contact your College In Colorado outreach and access coordinator for further information and assistance

Get Financially Fit with Money 101

Take time to improve your financial IQ! College In Colorado offers 10 online courses in topics such as Income, Credit, Identity Theft and more!

Colorado ASSET Website

Are some of your students without proof of legal U.S. residency and wish to attend a Colorado public college or university? Learn whether they may be eligible for in-state tuition and understand the resources available to help them with this process. College In Colorado has built a website to assist families and students to take advantage of Colorado's ASSET legislation.

School Support

College In Colorado offers professional development workshops and extensive materials.

Do you have students or parents that could use help on CollegeInColorado.org, financial aid or other questions? We can assist in English or Spanish; dial (303) 974-2660.

Low Cost Broadband for Families

Comcast has announced enhancements to its Internet Essentials program that offers low cost ($10/month) broadband service, computers ($150) and training to low-income students and their families. For general eligiblity information, visit Internet Essentials (En Español).

Professional Development

View the Registration form to identify and participate in upcoming professional development opportunities or take a look at the recorded Webinars and online tutorials available for use.

Downloads and Printed Materials

Download or request extensive ICAP worksheets and template, or financial aid, middle school, high school and educators' resources, brochures and materials.

Counselor E-News

Periodically College In Colorado prepares an e-newsletter especially for school counselors, packed with useful information - e-mail us if you wish to receive it.

Data Resources

The Colorado Department of Higher Education has published its new database tool, District at a GlanceNew window icon. The tool provides detailed district-specific information on college enrollments and first year postsecondary outcomes for Colorado's graduating classes from 2009.

College In Colorado has an important data aggregation tool for school districts called Report CentralPDF icon. This tool provides district-wide aggregation of student work on CollegeInColorado.org. It gives districts the power to build a custom report for one school, several schools or all schools and choose the type of report from among more than 35 usage and outcome reports.

The College In Colorado Professional CenterNew window icon has nearly 40 usage and outcome reports, including milestone tracking, ICAP monitoring and plan of study/parental sign-off completion reports for each school. If you need your Professional Account Access Key (PAAK) or Administrator Code (AC), contact Twyla.Esquibel@cic.state.co.us.

Connections to Other Resources

We have bundled together helpful information and links to resources and Websites off-site.

College Application MonthNew window icon

Every October is College Application Month. Get information, resources and ideas to host this important initiative at your school.

Important Account Information for Professionals and Educators

The College In Colorado Website includes a Professional Center Website with which to build your ICAP and plans of study, review your students' work, track their progress and message your students.

To create your new College In Colorado Professional Center account, go to procenter.collegeincolorado.org and use your school's Professional Account Access Key (PAAK) or Administration Code (AC) as appropriate. Need more information or your codes? Contact Twyla.Esquibel@cic.state.co.us.

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University Administrators

The Control CenterNew window icon helps college and university administrators to manage information about their campuses that are hosted on CollegeInColorado.org. Two of the many activities managed through the Control Center include:

  • Maintaining list of majors;
  • Updating virtual tour information about the campus, both graduate and undergraduate;

Any authorized campus representative can obtain an account for the Control Center by contacting Myriam Cortez, CollegeInColorado.org Client Services Manager at Xap Corporation, at (424) 750-3919 or e-mail myriam@xap.com.

Interested in Participating on CollegeInColorado.org?

Private institutions authorized to operate in Colorado by the Colorado Department of Higher Education may license a featured listing on CollegeInColorado.org, which highlights the college's information in the following modules:

To inquire further, please contact Julia Pirnack, Director of Web and Curriculum Development for College In Colorado at julia.pirnack@cic.state.co.us.

Professional Center

The Professional Center gives you all the tools you need to manage your college and career planning programs — administration, reporting, communicating and managing students.